Submission Guideline



For your applications, please first refer to the submission rules of the FSD by visiting and submitting your abstracts on this page.
Please note that to be considered for selection, ALL applicants must submit the abstracts required by the FSD prior to applying to MEDFORUM 2021.


Interested applicants are requested to submit one additional short motivation video of themselves. We recommend that videos are submitted simultaneously or directly after the FSD submission. The video should be divided in two sections and must clearly answer these two questions:

  1. The Topic: Which theme do you choose? Where do you stand when it comes to that specific topic? What are your thoughts on the challenges and opportunities? What are the potential solutions from your perspective?
  2. The Method: What will be your innovative method of onstage presentation? How will you animate and demonstrate your work on stage to best convey your message in 5 to 7 minutes? We recommend avoiding classic slideshows.


  • The duration of the application video must not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.
  • For submission, upload your videos to the CIHEAM Montpellier Cloud under the format .mp4 at
  • File names should read as follows: LastName_FirstName_Country.mp4

Applications will be accepted until 30 June 2020 : closed

You can review the presentation video before creating your video.

Medforum 2021 video

Acceptance to the MEDFORUM 2021 will be communicated as early as July 2020 after which selected applicants will be contacted for further instructions regarding their full submission.

Around 20 to 25 applicants who best meet the above guidelines and who demonstrate a high degree of quality and innovation in their applications will be selected for financial support as covered fees for registration and/or accommodation.


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